Fabric trends everyone should be talking about

The coming of the new year has brought a lot of changes. One of these changes pertain particularly to interior fabrics. Bold colors, comforting outside elements, and a focus on cleanability are at the top of this year’s trends list.

Be Bold

Bold colors and textiles are what 2021 is all about. Vibrant colors like intense plums, saturated oranges, and navy blues are a great way to add a playful touch to any room. These shades will energize any space. From changing up your upholstery to simply adding some bright accent pillows, the bold trend is here to stay.

Calm & Comfort

After a very tremulous year, having a tranquil space to retreat to is a must. Recently we have noticed there has been a big push in creating a calm environment within client’s homes. Serene colors such as light greys, blush pinks, and washed blues help set the mood for ultimate relaxation. Combining any of these tranquil colors with soft fabrics such as lofty chenille, is the perfect choice for achieving that cozy feel you dream about.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Why is there such a separation between indoor & outdoor furniture? This question is being asked more often which is why people are beginning to bring the outside in. Aside from the performance attributes of indoor-outdoor fabrics, they are easily cleaned. For many, being able to easily wipe away spills and use bleach for sanitizing is a win-win.  Whether you choose solid or striped; traditional or modern. There are a vast variety of indoor-outdoor fabrics that offer not only an inviting design but also a peace of mind.

These fabric trends are gearing up to shape the industry this year. So be on the lookout for those vibrant hues, serene shades, & performance fabrics because they will all be in high demand.