5 Cool Tips to Keep Your House Temperature Down This Summer

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5 Cool Tips to Keep Your House Temperature Down This Summer

Keep Inside Doors Open

In the summer months you want air to flow freely and be able to reach every room in the house. When you leave all of your doors open it allows for a constant flow of cool air, without secluding any rooms in the house.

Close Your Blinds During the Day

Just like opening your blinds in the winter to allow for natural heat from the sun, we also recommend keeping them closed in the summer to block that sun’s heat from penetrating through. This will drastically help when it comes to the temperature of your home.

Also, opening your windows at night can help cool down your home with those cool summer breezes. You will be surprised how quickly a room can cool down at night with some fresh air from outside.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

Instead of cranking the air conditioning and relying solely on that to cool down your home, turn on your ceiling fans. The fans will circulate the air throughout the home while using less electricity, thus lowering your electric bill. (it’s a win, win!)

Take the Cooking Outside – It’s Grilling Season

Time to dust off the grill and take the summer cooking outside. Heating up the oven and cooking on the stove will only add more heat to your home. Grilling outside will eliminate the need to use the oven and is a tasty alternative. You can almost cook anything on the grill nowadays; just take a look at Pinterest or Google for some delicious recipes.

Plant Trees & Bushes Outside For Added Shade

Planting trees or bushes outside for added shade on your property can help keep the temperature down inside your home. Not only will it keep the heat away, it will make your property look beautiful as well!

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