5 of Our Favorite Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

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5 Of Our Favorite Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

1. Keep your tiling the same throughout the whole space

Tiling your shower and floors the same color will give a nice flow to your bathroom. Having different colors and patterns throughout may break up the space and make it appear smaller. Choose to use larger tiles because there will be fewer grout lines. Matching the grout to your tiles will also help!

2. Large Mirrors

Ever been in a fun house? Then you know exactly what we’re talking about! Large mirrors produce an optical illusion of a larger space. A mirror behind your vanity that goes up to the ceiling makes the ceilings appear higher and the square footage appear larger.

3. Install a Skylight

If the bathroom is on the top floor of your home you may want to consider installing a skylight over the bath or sink. Not only will it be wonderful to look out of when bathing, it will add extra light to help the room feel more open. If it is a downstairs bathroom, or you do not have the option to add a skylight, consider a window instead!

4. Combine Open Shelving and Closed Doors for Storage

While it is very important to have closed storage in your bathroom for all of your toiletries, too many closed cabinets can make a room appear smaller. In lieu of all closed cabinetry, opt for a combination of both. Have your closed cabinets on the bottom and open shelving on top.

5. Glass Shower Doors

It’s time to lose the shower curtain and replace it with a beautiful glass shower door. The clear glass will most definitely make the room look wider and if you have it going up to the ceiling it will make the room look taller as well.




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