5 Organizational Tips before you start a Kitchen Renovation

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5 Organizational Tips before you start a Kitchen Renovation

Remove Every Day Items

Items that you typically use every day such as utensils, plates, coffee cups, glasses, the coffee maker, etc. should be put in a box labeled “everyday items”. Now you have an easy access box and a place to put your everyday essentials without losing them in the clutter.

Label Everything in Boxes

When you take everything out of your cabinets and drawers make sure to label the boxes. When your kitchen is all finished you will know where everything is and easily put it back. This will also help you decide what needs to stay and what you can get rid of.

Keep Everything in Categories

When putting things back into your pantry, try to keep like items together. For example, categories such as: cereal and breakfast food, canned goods, pasta, spices, etc. It helps to think about the aisles in the grocery store to group everything together.

Say NO to Paper

Take all of the paper out of your kitchen and keep it out! The kitchen is no place for stacks of bills or mail. They will only add up over time and make your space feel cluttered. Have a designated space for your bills and all of your mail, such as on your office desk or some type of organizer.

Help Your Contractor

Keeping everything neat and organized before your contractor comes will make the renovation process much easier on both of you. Your contractor will not have to relocate your things and have to stop multiple times to move something or ask where to put it. Having a fresh clean space for your contractor to work will save you time and stress.

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