5 Places to Add a Barn Door to Your Home

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5 Places to Add a Barn Door to Your Home

Pantry Door

Unless you are a neat freak and have everything in cute little categorized baskets, your pantry isn’t typically that aesthetically pleasing. Do you have 10 boxes of pasta and a dozen boxes of cereal thrown in any which way? Then a pantry door is a must to keep it all hidden away. Consider a sliding barn door for your pantry door as a space saver because it doesn’t swing out and it will look on trend too! (Pro Tip: Add a chalkboard door so you can easily add grocery items to a list when you run out of something)

Separate the Kitchen and Dining Room

When you need that little bit of privacy when eating dinner, a barn door that separates the kitchen from your dining room is a great option. Closing the door will offer seclusion from the rest of the house so you and your family can focus on each other and not be distracted. Plus, when you’re not eating just keep the door open to give your home that open concept feel everyone loves.

Closet Door

Sometimes it is hard to keep your closet looking neat and organized. Having a barn door will not only hide the interior of your messy closet, it will make your room look stylish and beautiful when closed.

Master Bathroom Door

A great way to separate your master bathroom from your bedroom is with a decorative barn door! Try painting your door with a color that matches the theme in your bedroom, it will make everything flow along with adding some color to the room.

Shower Doors

Good news! Glass shower doors now come in “barn-door style”. These glass doors have minimal hardware and make your bathroom feel much more open and larger in size.

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