5 Top Tips for Designing a Small House

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5 Top Tips for Designing a Small House

Living at the beach provides you with a world of opportunities. But it may limit you in terms of the home space that you can afford to live in. Have a small space that needs designing? From clever space saving ideas to using visual deception in making the space of your home seem larger than it is. Here are 5 Top Tips for designing a small house to make the most of the space available.

1. Choosing the Right Color

To make your home appear larger, choose a light paint color, such as cream or off-white. Light colors also make spaces look brighter and have a soothing effect on the mind. Do not use darker colors like red or royal blue as they can make a space appear smaller.

2. Use Mirrors

When decorating your house, use mirrors. Mirrors are not only one of the easiest ways of making a space appear larger, they also tend to brighten up a space. Mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes with a variation of frames too. Using different mirrors in your home will be a space enhancing, as well as stylish choice.

3. Curtains and Drapes

Hanging your drapes or curtains on the windows as high as possible and close to the ceiling make the room appear larger and the ceiling higher. Also, keep the curtains as simple as possible and do not go over the top with heavy curtains, as they will make your space appear smaller. You can even use blinds as an alternative to the curtains or drapes.

4. Buy Furniture With Built-In Storage

Another great way of clever space saving is buying furniture for your home that has built-in storage space. Furniture items, such as a couch or bed, take up a lot of space but by storing things in the bottom of them, they will be utilized to the maximum.

5. Utilize Your Staircase

A great place to add extra storage for things is under the stairs. You can build a small closet to store belongings under the stairs or even build small cupboards or drawers inside the stairs. This is a wonderful place to store things out of eyes view.

No space is too small to design, the barriers are just in your mind. With a little creativity and smart thinking you can design the home of your dreams, regardless of the size!


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  1. Afton Jackson

    Designing a house with a staircase that has multiple uses sounds quite interesting to me. That extra space could really be used for a lot of other things, so we could maximize the space of our house if we do that. I’ll use this as our main thought process when I start working with a local custom home contractor right away.

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