6 of Our Favorite Basement Remodeling Ideas

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6 of Our Favorite Basement Remodeling Ideas

Gone are the days of your basement being the scary dark place in the home that no one wants to enter. Basements are a wonderful space for letting your imagination run wild. From playrooms to mother in law suites, who says your basement has to just be used for storage?


  1. Children’s Playroom

All children need a place to store their toys and unleash all of their crazy amounts of energy. However, you prefer it’s not right in the middle of your living room, next to your three thousand dollar 4k TV! Giving your children a designated play space in the basement will give them a place to go and get creative! This can be done without spending a ton of money, especially because kids don’t stay kids forever!

  1. Wine Cellar

Who doesn’t love the idea of having their own personal wine cellar in their home! Many of us just keep our reds on the counter and whites in the fridge. Talk about a win connoisseur’s nightmare! They know wine requires proper storage, and your basement just might be the perfect place.

  1. Man Cave

Okay, let’s face it. It is every man’s dream to have a place in their home they can call theirs, aka their “man cave”. Long day at the office and all you want to do is come home, kick off your shoes and watch the big game or have a drink. Man caves can include various features such as, sport’s themes, bars, game rooms, billiards tables and more! The possibilities are endless.


  1. Home Office

Entrepreneurship has taken over and many people now work from home. If you do work from home, then you know a quiet place to work can sometimes be hard to find. A basement is a perfect place away from the noise to be able to accomplish your daily tasks. Basements are also a great place to store your work supplies and/or products.


  1. Game Room

Love shooting pool or playing Ping-Pong but don’t have anywhere to put those large, bulky tables? Your basement can be the perfect place. Basements tend to be open, unfinished space under your home. Just have your basement finished, throw some paint on the walls and w-la you have a game room!

  1. Mother-In-Law Suite or Income Apartment

Another perfect fit for your basement could be a mother-in-law suite or an income apartment. Your mother or tenant could have their own separate entrance and be able to come and go as they please without disturbing anyone in the main house. Bathrooms and kitchens are easily installed in basements as well, so this could work out well. Plus, when having a tenant, it’s nice to have that extra income coming in every month!

Well, there you have it! Our favorite basement remodeling ideas to spark your imagination. Curious to see what else could be done to re-vamp your basement? Contact us here at  www.ucbuildersnj.com/contact/ or give us a call at (856)354-0831 or (609) 661-6055







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