Addition Mania! What’s with all the Second Floor Additions this year??

As the Premier Builder and Remodeler in South Jersey, we have been pleasantly surprised by the continuing strength in the remodeling market this year. Of particular interest to us has been the higher number of second-floor/over the garage additions we have been requested to build.

Why is this?

We think the increase in real estate costs has driven many young growing families out of the home step up market. What to do if you need more space, love the area you live in, and can’t afford the price/ and rates for a larger home?

Of course, look to add to your existing home, you can accomplish many possible objectives.

  • Add Bedrooms and Baths
  • Create “In-Law” Suites
  • Create a Master Suite
  • Create more rooms to spread out

Some of the considerations you must think about when you add square footage to your home:

Can the infrastructure handle the added load, structural plumbing, electric and HVAC? Most of the time, these existing building systems have to be upgraded to accommodate the new space.

The cost/value of the new addition can vary greatly based upon the types of system upgrades you need, but the cost pales in comparison to a new home.

Whether you are looking to add a Master Suite, Bathrooms, or an “In Law” suite, you can call us to design and build your dream upgrade!

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