Top 4 Floor Décor Options for 2021

Floors are the all-seeing eyes in our homes. They are there as you experience life and turn a space into a home. Your floors are important, so care should be taken so they match your lifestyle. You may now be asking, what floors exactly fit my lifestyle, wants & needs? Read below to see what others are shifting towards for their ever so important floors.

Terracotta Tiles

Now more then ever people are starting to add more earthy textures and tones to their homes. Terracotta in Italian literally means baked earth. Given that fact, we can see why this particular flooring style is beginning to trend. Not only do these floors stay cool during the summer months, they also come in all shapes and sizes. With such a great price point we can see why people are swooning hard over these tiles. Some love them so much they have made dedicated pages on Instagram just to share the beauty of these tiles with the world. Add them to your mudroom, entryway, or even kitchen to bring a cool European flair to any room.

Engineered Hardwood

Spills, foot traffic, pets…no floor is safe from destruction. However, engineered hardwood comes pretty close. With a top layer of hardwood followed by alternating layers of plywood, we can see how it is the best of both worlds. Given that this flooring is not only durable but also versatile, it’s perfect for rooms that do double or even triple duty. With so many different finishes and color options, these floors are excellent for any room in your house.

Laid Patterns with Tiles

2021 has brought on a lot of new trends. One of them being patterns, but not in the way you would think. There has been a recent shift away from Moroccan/Spanish painted tile. Many now focusing more on how the tiles are laid rather than the actual tiles themselves. Designer Max Humphrey stated, “I love the idea of pattern tile that’s not patterned tile. We’ve been hit over the head with graphic encaustic floor tile for years now. That stuff is great, but you can get a graphic look using really inexpensive tile installed in creative ways.” So the result? A modern take on a classic look usually for less money.

Mid-Tone Woods

Not only have we seen in shift in tile trends this year we are also starting to see a shift in wood flooring colors as well. People have been slowing moving away from lighter wood shades and into a more medium, Goldilock shade of wood. The versatility of the shade is what has been the real draw factor for people. It blends well with both light and dark accents and fits perfectly with whatever aesthetic you are striving for. From rustic to farmhouse, to timeless or traditional, mid-tone woods fit ever style.

With so many options when it comes to flooring, it can seem a bit daunting. But doing your research and figuring out what your perfect fit is for you home is half the battle. So, take a little risk, add some life to your home, and get to flooring.