DIY Landscaping Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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DIY Landscaping Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

There is no law in the book that says landscaping has to break your bank account or bore a hole in your pocket. Landscaping doesn’t have to be tedious work, it can be fun and easy! Some landscaping ideas for your home that won’t break the bank include:

1. Pavers

Adding pavers can make any yard stand out and it has to be one of the easiest and cheapest fixes. Pavers look wonderful when added as a border or to your patio area. Places to add pavers include: flower bed border, retaining walls, patio, walkway, around trees and more! The best part is, pavers can be purchased at your local hardware store for next to nothing.

2. Lighting

Adding lighting throughout your yard will make it look like a magical wonderland. String lights can be purchased at almost any department store and are relatively inexpensive. Many companies now make lights specifically for your yard. Whether you choose to have a little or a lot, lights can make a considerable difference. Some places to put lights include: around your deck, umbrella, in your flower beds, wrapped around trees and more!

3. Assembly of Planters

The use of a combination of plant clusters is a very nice way of landscaping in a less expensive manner. One can group three sizes and species of plants in one corner, and arrange them in such a way as to create an impression of a leafy waterfall when they bloom. For example, for best results, get three plants with different directions of growth, such as vertical, horizontal, and cascading, and watch beauty flood your courtyard. The beauty of it is that this encapsulating beauty doesn’t cost much.

4. Pallets

Pallets are a wonderful (and budget friendly) way to spruce up your yard. You can create almost anything out of pallets. It not only looks great but it creates a rustic feel to your yard that can be dressed up or down. Try making a patio set out of palettes and then staining it and adding cushions for a pop of color. Some other things to create with pallets include: outdoor bars, coffee tables, hose cover, stools, and so much more!

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