Early Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

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Early winter home maintenance checklist


  • Disconnect the outdoor hoses

Disconnect and drain the water from your outdoor hoses. Open the faucets to let any residual water drain out and leave them open for the winter. You don’t want the water to freeze and possibly crack a pipe.

  • Clean the gutters

Remove any remaining fall leaves from your gutters to prevent ice damming.

  • Gather your winter storm supplies

Round up your winter storm supplies such as shovels, rock salt, window scrapers, flashlights and candles to a central location. Have them at the ready in case of an unexpected snow storm or power outage.

  • Service your furnace

Get your furnace serviced to be sure it is in good working order before the brutal cold sets in.

  • Seal air leaks

Get some caulk and check for any cracks between trim and siding, around windows and doors, and areas where cable wires or pipes enter your home. Sealing these areas helps keep moisture and cold drafty air out.

Before the snow and bitter cold arrive, check these few things to be sure you are ready for winter!




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