Best Siding Options for your Home

Siding is your homes first layer of defense against the elements. Whether your building new or refreshing your current home, knowing what type of siding to choose is critical. Your homes siding should be weather resistant, durable, energy efficient, & have some curb appeal. Below are some of the best siding options on the market right now. 


Durable, low maintenance, resistant to color fading, & easy to install. Vinyl siding is not only the most popular siding option, it also one of the most affordable. However, vinyl siding can be damaged in high winds, not 100% waterproof, and will crack in extremely high temperatures.


100% recyclable, natural insulator, endless selection if stains and paints, very customizable, & eco-friendly.  So, what’s not to love right? Rotting, cracking, insect damage, & warping are some of the things you need to be on the look out for when choose wood siding. While it may be the most ascetically pleasing option on the list, it may not be the most practical. 

Metal Siding

Cost efficient installation, light weight, recyclable, & resistant to water, mildew, mold, fire & insects. Metal siding is certainly one of the most durable options on our list. While cost efficient, its prone to scratches & dents. If damaged it is also not easy to replace. 

Engineered Wood

Low maintenance, strong, durable, low environmental impact, & biodegradable. If you combined the pros from both vinyl siding and natural wood, you essentially get engineered wood. While higher in price point then the other options, it is my personal favorite choice of siding for your home.