Fall Maintenance Checklist To Have Your Home in Tip Top Shape

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Fall Maintenance Checklist To Have Your Home in Tip Top Shape

As the fall is quickly approaching here in New Jersey, it is time to start thinking about seasonal maintenance on your home. Below we have put together a checklist to make this task a breeze!

-Check the foundation for cracks and repair where necessary
-Remove screens from doors and windows and install storm doors and windows
-Inspect exterior of the home for any cracks or chips in paint
-Make sure your roof is in good condition, check for any missing shingles and repair where needed
-Clean out your gutters and downspouts and flush them out with water
-Examine your pool cover for any damage and replace if necessary
-Weather strip your garage door and make sure it’s tight to prevent drafts
-Inspect your driveway for cracks
-Organize your garage and clean and put away summer gardening tools
-Run and test all snow equipment to make sure it is in good, working condition
-Inspect and repair any loose railings, boards or steps
-Secure your crawl space to prevent any animals from entering and nesting
-Remove outdoor hoses from spouts and place in storage
-Check for window leaks, apply weather stripping and caulk areas that are drafty
-Have your heating system properly serviced
-Have your fireplace and chimney cleaned by a professional.
-Test and change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
-Change your air filters

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