Under Construction Builder's is Moorestown's Premier Home Addition Service!

Expand Your Reality

When you choose Under Construction Builders, you can be sure your home addition will be completed at a price you can afford. This is due to our unique design/build approach.

Normally, the design and build processes are treated as separate entities. For your design, you would hire an architect who will listen carefully to what you envision for your home addition.

Without worrying about your budget he will then provide you with plans according to your specification. You might next meet with a contractor and show him your architectural plans only to find out that implementation will cost significantly more money you anticipated.

This is where our design/build process is different. We work with you and our architect, to provide you with the addition of your dreams, while keeping your budget in mind thus still achieving your end goal.

Adding a Little Something Extra

Home Additions offer a multitude of benefits to homeowners. The provide additional space whether it's adding a new bedroom, expanding the kitchen, or creating a dedicated home office.

Home Additions allow for customization & personalization ensuring that the space aligns with the homeowner's unique preferences & lifestyle.

They often prove more cost-effective than purchasing a new, larger home saving on real estate transaction costs. Fi