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Home Lifting


Home lifting has recently become a necessity for homeowners along the Jersey Shore and coastal communities throughout the northeastern United States. Hurricane Sandy caused devastation and flooding throughout the region, and the effects have forced homeowners in the area to move inland, do nothing and risk further damages, or to invest in protecting them from future storm damage through house raising.

At Under Construction Builders, we’re here to help homeowners on Long Beach Island, in Manahawkin and anywhere along the Jersey Shore better protect their homes from potential future flooding and costly repairs.

Due to new flood regulations, directly implemented because of Super Storm Sandy’s impact, many insurance companies will no longer agree to insure homes that are not lifted above the new base flood elevations (BFE). Mortgage companies require insurance on homes and depending on where the home is located, some require homeowners to specifically carry additional flood insurance.

While this puts many homeowners in a bind, thanks to the state of New Jersey’s RREM program, some have found help. This program has provided grants to homeowners so they can lift their homes and meet the new flood regulations while keeping their mortgage companies happy, all without needing to go deeply in debt.

Going Up!


House raising, just as the name might lead you to believe, involves the literal elevation of your home. We will begin by drilling holes into your home’s foundation and inserting steel beams throughout to help support the home’s weight.

Then, we will use hydraulic pump jacks to elevate your home, stopping every few inches to insert solid wooden cribbing beneath to keep the home raised.

Once your home is fully lifted to the proper BFE and depending on the scope of work, we will either build your home’s foundation upward until it is once again fully intact and supporting your home or place your home on pilings.