How Open Floor Plans Positively Affect Energy Efficiency

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How Open Floor Plans Positively Affect Energy Efficiency

Open floor plans are one of the most widely used and newly popular layouts in a modern house today. The architectural term “Open Floor” is used for One Floor Plan (OFP) which means having more open surface area rather than having many enclosed rooms. These open floor plans can work better on homes with less square footage. However, it is very popular in large family homes as well. The layout typically combines the dining room, kitchen and living room into one integrated space. Thus, open floor plans make it possible for a contractor to maximize the available space in a home as well as help to save the cost of electricity. Open floor plans offer other benefits in the following ways.

Natural Light & Open View

Turning the house into a single large room helps the sunlight permeate through the windows into all parts because there are no concrete walls separating the house into various small rooms. Therefore, the sunlight does the charm by providing enough light. Apart from this, sunlight has been proven healthy for the human body. OFPs are more hospitable in conducting informal gatherings as the open view offers communication with the host in the kitchen and the guests in the living room.


You can cut down on your electricity bills with the help of OFPs. They provide sufficient air flow which reduces the usage of air-conditioners, fans and other cooling systems. Open floor plans are a healthy lifestyle living, not only by being energy efficient but also by providing more of a natural lifestyle. As stated earlier, OFPs also help sunlight to pass through the house effectively; this reduces the use of electricity powered lights, which eventually helps to reduce underlying bills.

Less Square Footage Needed

By eliminating walls of rooms you can create a more wide and spacious one unit place. This offers a multi-functioning lifestyle where one room can be used for more than one purpose. With the same square footage, OFPs tend to exhibit a larger, more airy space than in closed rooms. This reduces the use of electric sockets, power suppliers and lights in every room. This also results in an efficient electric wiring system throughout the house.

Before remodelling your house into an OFP, one should have a keen look at the options offered according to your needs of energy efficiency as well as functionality. This will assist you in saving energy and money. Open floor plans provide a welcoming ambience to your house as they offer eco-friendly, comfortable and healthy benefits.

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