Under Construction Builders is Cinnaminson's Premier Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Service!

Kitchen Renovation Done Right

At Under Construction Builders we use the design-build approach for all of our projects. What that means is that our customer's projects are vertically integrated and facilitated through one firm-us. This process helps save our customer's projects time & money as opposed to their hiring one firm for initial layout and a second for the building of the renovation.

Following the design-build approach when renovating any kitchen allows us to implement our specific processes and handle any unforeseen events internally, instead of having to work through outside communication channels or third party vendors, which ends up prolonging the project, or spawning unforeseen costs for the customer.

Enough To Satisfy Your Inner Chef

Remodeling your kitchen is great for increasing the value of your home. By remodeling this area, you can dramatically change the look and feel of your entire home. Under Construction Builders takes pride in helping our Cinnaminson homeowners through every step of remodeling their kitchen.

The decision making process of selecting countertops, kitchen cabinets, flooring and fixtures can seem overwhelming. We help guide you through every step by accompanying you during the selection process.