Low cost tips to keep your house cozy this winter

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Low cost tips to keep your house cozy this winter!

  • Insulate outlets

Insulate the outlets on the exterior walls of your home to prevent heat loss. Outlet insulating kits are an inexpensive do-it-yourself solution to prevent cold, drafty air from entering your home.

  • Draft excluders

Add draft excluders or door draft stoppers underneath your exterior doors and interior door leading to the garage to help prevent slow heat loss and the influx of cold drafty air.

  • Programmable thermostat

Invest in a programmable thermostat to schedule and control the temperature in your home while you are not at home or are asleep. Typically most programmable thermostats offer four pre-programmed settings to allow you to set your desired temperature throughout the day and night.

  • Don’t cover vents

Check your furniture arrangement to be sure that the vents aren’t inadvertently blocked to allow for clear air flow into all of your rooms.

  • Seal windows and doors

Maintain the windows and doors of your home by adding weather stripping or caulk to seal any possible air leaks. Remove the screens in your front and back doors and replace with storm doors. Also remove and store the window screens until warmer weather breaks.

  • Let the sun shine in!

Open your blinds and shades to let the warmth of a sunny day help to heat up the house naturally and with no cost at all!

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