New Construction on Long Beach Island

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New Construction on Long Beach Island

“Building the home was to honor both my grandfather and parents and to fulfill the promise made in 1974” says our homeowner of this new home built by Under Construction Builders in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island.

Under Construction Builders is one of the premier remodeling companies in the South Jersey, but did you know that we also build new homes on Long Beach Island?

Building a new home can be a stressful, but also a very rewarding and exciting undertaking. From the initial step of finding an architect to design your dream home to adding the final decorative touches of landscaping, there are so many decisions to be made along the way.

The beauty to building new is that you, the homeowner, have the opportunity to get exactly the home that fits your needs and wants. You choose the location, style of home and the builder you trust. It is exciting to watch your home go up before your eyes as you follow each step of construction. You make the selections that suit your taste from plumbing fixtures to flooring to siding to windows to decor, to create the beach house you have always desired.

Under Construction Builders has a great team of craftsman and support staff to assist you in building the beach home of your dreams. Let us know how we can help you begin the process and guide you every step of the way.


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