Smart Small Living Spaces

Do you find your living space a bit cramped? After being cooped up in our homes over the last year we have had a lot more time to reevaluate our living areas. While some rooms are perfect just the way they are. Others could use a little love. Expanding is always a great option to open a space up. But what if that just isn’t the right option for you? How does one make a space feel larger without actually adding square footage? From savvy ways to paint, to curtain tricks, and considerate furniture placement, there is a whole mess of ideas that can make your small living space feel bigger.

Paint those Boards

One of the easiest, and unconventional ways, to open a small space up is to paint the skirting boards the same color as the wall. By following the paint all the way down to the floor over the skirting boards you give the illusion that the walls are taller than they really are. So, by saying goodbye to those bold white boarders you in return say hello to what appears to be a larger room. Now, if painting the skirting boards is a little too risqué for you, we got you covered. Simply painting a warm darker tone, such as plum, to the walls can add a warm cozy feeling while bringing a sense of depth to the room.

Blinds Over Curtains

When is comes to maximizing the appearance of a smaller space every…inch…counts. Bulky curtains are unnecessary in smaller spaces. So, ditch your curtains and instead play with the idea of blinds. Rather than having long drabby curtains hanging on either side of your window, opt for blinds. It will free up space while offering the illusion of a taller room.  Simple, yet genius

Legs & Loveseats

Adding furniture to a small space can be tricky. You do not want to close in an already small room, but you also want it to be receivable. Luckily, there are ways to furnish your space without sacrificing that open and airy feeling you are trying to achieve. Choosing seating with legs is a great place to start. Furniture with wooden legs allow for the floor underneath to be seen, making the room appear larger. Now, if you have a particularly small space even a large sofa with legs may still be too bulky. Snugglers or “Loveseats” are a great alternative for those who simply do not have the space for a larger sofa. These seats do not eat up as much space as a traditional sofa and still bring that cozy accommodating feeling. While keeping your walls neutral, you can even play up these adorable small seats with botanical/floral patterns. This will draw attention to the chair and then to the outside making the room once again seem larger than it is.

These are just a few tips on how to maximize your small living space. From adding mirrors, to overhead storage, to even going as far as knocking down a wall. There are so many smart innovative ways to creatively open your space up. So, get creative because the possibilities are endless.