Thank you for the glowing review!

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Thank you for the glowing review!

SK in Marlton, NJ says “Our project finished ahead of schedule, without any complications, and at the original budget. No surprises!  The team at Under Construction helped me find the perfect solution to adding a 4th bedroom. The entire experience was handled with professionalism.”

At Under Construction Builders, we are thrilled when our clients are thrilled. We strive to create raving fans that will recommend us time and again.

We partner with a third party survey company called Guild Quality. At the end of a project, we submit our client’s name and contact information to GQ and request a customer satisfaction survey. Guild Quality contacts them via email or phone to ask numerous questions about scheduling, communication, craftsmanship, areas of satisfaction, areas of improvement and more.

We find this information to be invaluable and share the results with our crew. And, of course, we love when our client recognizes our employees by name!

MB in Ship Bottom says “Our project manager, Dan, was exceptional. His attention to detail was superb. He also offered innovative suggestions and ideas. Also, Robert, one of the principal owners of the firm was on the job actively involved in the construction. Jay did a terrific job throughout, but particularly on the front end helping us to scope out our project and evaluate alternatives.”

At Under Construction Builders, we value our partnership with Guild Quality to request customer satisfaction surveys to get unbiased feedback and online reviews that we hope will offer insightful information to us as well as our future clients.




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