The Latest Walk-In Shower Designs

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The Latest Walk-In Shower Designs

Bathrooms, nowadays, have become personal spas. It’s not just a place to get clean, it has now become a place to relax and luxuriate peacefully. If spacey and airy bathrooms are what you prefer, a walk-in shower may be the perfect choice.

There are various design options for your walk-in shower. The most common variation is the glass enclosure. This gives your bathroom a open, airy feel. You can either add artificial lighting in it or install a small window on the side.

The design choices are endless with walk-in showers and there are plenty of different materials to choose from. Once you decide on the materials and design for the wall, it’s time to choose the type of floor you want to go with it. Floor tiles come in many different materials such as glass, stone and ceramic. If you choose a solid wall then it is recommended that you choose a stone or ceramic floor tile to match it. Then you have to decide on the accessories as the final touch. Shelves, mats, soap dishes, towel stands, mirrors, small benches, all contribute to a great visual spa-like feel.

Here are a some design ideas for a walk-in shower:

  • Modern and warm. This is a simple and modern design made out of wood. Green tiles in the shower will really compliment the wood.
  • Gray or white subway tile. This walk-in bathroom includes a glass door with grey tiles and a long marble bench.
  • A combination of blue and green tiles. Blue and green are colors which complement each other very well. Having a square-shower head with glass doors would go great with it.
  • Small stone tiles. Choose small stone tiles in a brown/yellow/gold tone.
  • Corrugated metal. Using corrugated metal as shower walls gives a modern feel. Use stone tile as the flooring and add small shelves or cabinets as well.
  • Turquoise. Adding hints of turquoise tiles here and there to a white tiled wall and floor gives a beach-like feel.

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