The Newest Smart Products for Your New Construction

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The Newest Smart Products for Your New Construction


When building your new home, there are many choices to be made and factors to be considered. Here are a few tips for the latest products that will elevate your home to the smart sanctuary of your dreams.


Having a smart home is a hot trend for 2018 and with dozens of products on the market, there is no shortage of devices to create a balanced living environment. To start, find a hub or controller that works for your home such as one from Amazon’s Echo line. Find one the fits your needs, such as the ability to control other gadgets around your house like your security systems, lighting, TV, and much more.

When it comes to heating and cooling, Nest was one of the first gadgets on the market for controlling temperature remotely via built in Wi-Fi. Having the ability to remotely control your home can help save energy and keep your home efficient.

For lighting, choose Philips Hue Bulbs. With these lights, you can select the intensity of the light, the color, and the ability to turn them on or off, all by commanding your hub or smart phone to do so.

Cooking and cleaning can be time consuming and the last thing you want to do when you come home from work. Try out the June Intelligent Oven. It is complete with Wi-Fi connectivity, a camera, and the ability to weigh, monitor, and cook with little effort from you.

With cleaning, consider investing in a robot vacuum such as a Roomba. They offer a variety of styles and prices equipped with a camera, a smartphone app, and the ability to connect to your Amazon Alexa.

Protecting your home is important, especially with all the gadgets you may now have acquired. Consider investing in a security system. There are many options, some that are self-monitored, via smart phones and your hub, such as the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, or company monitored, such as ADT Pulse that provides 24/7 monitoring and customer support but can also be accessed from your device.


Not only will having a smart home make life a little easier, it also will allow you to save time and money due to the accessibility and flexibility provided via your smartphone.


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