The White Kitchen Craze Continues – Why Opt For a White Kitchen

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The White Kitchen Craze Continues – Why Opt For a White Kitchen

White kitchens seem to be the preference for homebuyers and remodelers today. There is just something about walking into a fresh, clean white kitchen that puts your mind at ease. White is commonly at the top of the list of popular kitchen colors in the National Kitchen and Bath Associations annual survey. Some of you may be thinking, but how do I keep an all white kitchen clean? Well, we promise you it’s not as hard as it looks and when it is clean it shines like no other! So, why go with a white kitchen? Let us tell you!

It Fits Any Design

Since white is such a common color for any manufacturer it won’t be hard to fit it into your design. From contemporary to traditional to modern, there are many options for white tile, countertops and more. Additionally, due to the wide variety you will be able to find something for every budget.

It’s a Blank Slate

White kitchens allow for your creative side to come out. Whether it be with a pop of color in your back splash, open shelves with colorful accents or a beautiful pop of color on the walls, white kitchens are the perfect backdrop.

It Makes You Smile

The color white represents happiness, innocence and purity and all of those things put a big smile on your face! (and hey, who doesn’t like to smile!)

It Make Your Home Appear Larger

If you’re working with a small kitchen area, we highly recommend opting for white all around. The light color will make your space appear much larger, brighter and more spacious. Installing white cabinets or counters will make the space feel less cluttered and more open to the rest of the house.

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