Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

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Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

It’s the new year and time for new home projects! If you are contemplating a bathroom remodel, here are some things you need to think about.

Before you begin…

Why are you remodeling?

Most people have three reasons why they decide to embark on a bathroom renovation- update the look, update for resale or update to increase functionality. What you are trying to achieve? Who will be using this bath? What does your ideal bathroom look like?

What is your budget?

Bathrooms can range in price depending on whether you are doing a basic remodel, a mid-level remodel or a high end remodel. A basic remodel is typically a “rip and replace”, removing the old and replacing with the new, keeping plumbing and electric in their current locations.  A mid-level or high level remodel can incorporate higher end finishes, moving plumbing, changing the floor plan and more. These changes will obviously be reflected in the cost of the renovation.

Do you have a professional involved?

Hiring a professional who is licensed and insured is important to protect you and your investment. You may decide to have a designer help with the planning and use a general contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling for the construction. A professional can guide you in making your selections of tile, flooring and plumbing fixtures to helping maximize functionality with the best possible layout.

Finding pictures and ideas of your vision will be helpful when you begin the process. Whether you are refreshing an existing bathroom to redesigning a new spa-like bathroom, both are worth a little thought and effort prior to the first phone call to your contractor or designer.


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