Tips to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

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Tips to Survive a Kitchen Remodel


“Getting out of Dodge” during your kitchen remodel would be the ideal scenario! However, unless you are renovating your summer home off season, it is not typically feasible for most people to move out during their renovation. So, how do you prepare your home, as well as your mindset, for a kitchen reno?

  • Set up a temporary kitchen

Your builder should be happy to help you set up a make-shift kitchen prior to the start of demolition. Purchase or borrow a mini-fridge or move your refrigerator into an adjacent room so you can still access it. Make use of small appliances like an electric skillet, microwave or toaster oven to do the majority of your cooking. Do you have a utility sink for washing dishes? If not, paper plates may be the answer for a few weeks!

  • Budget for Take Out

You will probably be eating out more than usual. Include the cost of food in your budget for take-out or restaurant expenses during the time you are renovating.

  • Prepare yourself

Stay calm…there will be some dirt and noise to deal with. Even if you have dust protection, drywall dust permeates into your home regardless of how well you cover and protect your belongings.

  • Be realistic

A kitchen remodel takes time. HGTV makes it appear as if you can remodel your kitchen in a matter of days. It will certainly take weeks, if not months, depending on the extent of the renovation.

Just remember that these small inconveniences are just temporary. Once you are cooking and eating in your new kitchen, you will forget the minor disruptions to your lifestyle very quickly!

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  1. Mia Evans

    I appreciate it when you explained that we have to expect that there will be dirt and noise to deal with when the kitchen renovation starts no matter how much we cover and protect our bologna. I will keep that in mind so that I will not be stressed out by the dirt, because it will be a normal occurrence to achieve the outcome that I really want for my property. So I guess it will be wise to stay somewhere else when this project starts in order to reduce the stress in my mind because of being a perfectionist which means that I should probably book a hotel room or as a relative if I can stay with them for some time.

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