Top Kitchen Trends of 2018 That Are Here to Stay

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Top Kitchen Trends of 2018 That Are Here to Stay

1.Open Shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen is nothing new, but it has recently become increasingly popular again with homeowners. It allows them to make a statement in the kitchen by adding their own touch with small accessories or even gourmet foods. It is also the perfect place for your kitchen plants to add a pop of color and freshness.

2.Quartz Counters

Quartz is still leading the way for high-end kitchen countertops. The material is extremely durable and will last forever. Quartz countertops require less maintenance than their competitor, granite. Over the years quartz has been modified to come in many different colors and patterns including some popular options with swirls and veining.

3.Single Level Multi Purpose Islands

Kitchen islands are becoming the statement piece in kitchens today. More and more homeowners are opting for single level, multi functional, large islands. These islands are fully equipped with deep storage cabinets, under counter appliances and sinks as well as a place for dining.

4.Color Pops

All white kitchens, although beautiful and still a fan favorite, are screaming for a pop of color. Many homeowners will break up an all white kitchen with a pop of color somewhere. A colorful backsplash or an accent wall are perfect examples of subtle ways to add a festive color punch to your kitchen.

As popular as white cabinets are however, another color palette is making its way into kitchens in 2018. Dark tones such as: navy, black, emerald green and plum are some of the popular choices. Some homeowners opt to have an all white crisp clean kitchen, but highlight the island in another color. Don’t overlook these darker colors options as they can bring a beautifully dramatic and luxurious feel to your kitchen.

5.Large Farmhouse Sinks

You can thank good ole Joanna Gaines for this timeless design trend. (Who doesn’t love Joanna though?!) Not only do these sinks look beautiful, they are extremely practical as well providing plenty of depth for those bulky pots and pans.

6.Technology in the Kitchen

Smart kitchens are on the rise in homes with all the new technological appliances available. From refrigerators with Wi-Fi where you can play your favorite Pandora station to touchless sink faucets, there are plenty of available options for you.


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