Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Colors

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Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When selecting a color for your cabinetry, you want to consider the other elements in your kitchen. What type of countertop and backsplash are you interested in? How about flooring and the hardware finish for your faucets and drawer pulls? All of these selections will definitely influence your decision. Gathering samples to view them as a collection will help you see if they complement each other and blend well together.

  • White

White kitchen cabinets are still the number one most requested color at Under Construction Builders. White is very classic and timeless, but some clients are venturing beyond white to include other options.

  • Gray

Gray is a neutral and classic color that you will not have to fear is too trendy in a few short years. Gray is a cool, clean color which radiates warmth and relaxation.

  • Dark colors

Dark colors such as black and navy are also gaining popularity. These rich, bold hues lend themselves to more of a custom furniture feel and add a bit of personality and warmth to a kitchen.

  • Natural wood

Add contrast with natural wood cabinetry. A white kitchen will not appear as stark when you warm it up with a mix of white cabinets and a natural wood cabinet on the island.

  • Mix and match

Mixing and matching two cabinetry colors in one kitchen can also create interest. White or ivory wall cabinets will marry well with a darker color on the island. Or darker lower cabinets with white or glass cabinets on the top create a unique look.

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