What You Can Expect at the Initial Meeting with a Project Coordinator at UCB

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What You Can Expect at the Initial Meeting with a Project Coordinator at UCB

Are ready to do more than just think about a project you have in mind?? If you are ready for a renovation or remodel, then it’s time to make that phone call to Under Construction Builders! When you call, we will take some preliminary information about your project and schedule an appointment with one of our project coordinators. What happens next??


Our project coordinator will meet you at your house at a mutually convenient day and time. After the initial introduction, he or she will ask you many questions…What is your ultimate goal in doing this remodel? Are you looking to update your space or re-purpose and create a whole new environment?


If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, do you want to keep your fixtures in the same location or would you prefer to make changes to the layout? Have you been dreaming about removing that soaking tub from 1980 that has become a major dust collector? Or did you want to create a spa-like feeling in your new bathroom with a steam shower, beautiful glass shower doors and a new double vanity?

Are you interested in expanding the original footprint and adding square footage to enlarge your kitchen? Does the space need to be more functional? Is your family growing and you need more room? Would an island or peninsula offer you the additional seating and work space that you are craving? Are you wondering if the wall between your kitchen and dining room is load baring because you want to create an open concept?

Our experienced project coordinators can answer your questions and discuss all the options with you.


It is extremely helpful to share as many of your ideas as you can. Do you save pictures on Pinterest or add them to an idea book on Houzz? The more information you share with your project coordinator will help them to understand your style, taste, wants and needs.

Next, he or she will take pictures and measurements of the existing space. They may ask to look in the basement or up in the attic. They may also request to look at the electrical panel and the HVAC system to see what upgrades or changes may need to be made.


Some of the questions will become more poignant… What is the time frame you have in mind to begin the project? Have you allotted a budget that will work for you? We always like to touch on the subject of your budget and try to offer a range on the possible cost of the project during our initial meeting.


Once the project coordinator has gathered all of the necessary information, they will put together a proposal and either send it to you via email or schedule to meet you again within two weeks. Once you have received and reviewed the proposal, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. If all is a go, then the proposal will be modified into a contract with a specified start date…and we are off to the races!


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