Wonderful Home Decorating Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood

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Wonderful Home Decorating Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood

Old wood can be recycled in many ways to update your home with a lovely, rustic look. Reclaimed wood accent walls, kitchen stands, headboards, coffee tables, shelves and mirror frames will make your home attractive, warm and welcoming. Using salvaged wood is also an eco-friendly home décor trend.
Reclaimed wood is basically old wood used in new projects including flooring and furniture-making.

This idea is becoming increasingly popular as transforming old wood into something new is not only affordable but also a functional way to decorate your home because it provides sustainable furnishings with a natural, warm texture. And the best part is, it looks amazing no matter what style you choose!
There are many reasons for its popularity. First, using such wood is eco-friendly as it is recycled rather than thrown away. Second, the wood may have a unique story attached to it. Maybe it came from old shipyards, schools, barns or buildings which gave it some antique value, as some species of old wood are no longer available now. Reclaimed wood is not only hard and durable, but also gives a perfect vintage-inspired look which further enhances its uniqueness and esthetic value.

It’s always fun to decorate your home with something charming and different and reclaimed wood is one of those things. It is a way to instantly bring warmth and beauty to your home. We are always looking for something new to decorate the house! In this article, we offer some exciting ideas to fully customize your home with reclaimed wood materials.


One way to decorate your home is by adding an accent wall made of reclaimed wood. It will not disturb the current style of your room and will add beauty and character to the whole scene. It is, in fact, one of the simplest and easiest ways to transform your walls into rustic-chic focal points. Moreover, these artistic walls can be installed in very little time making the process virtually hassle-free.


Give your kitchen a farmhouse look by adding a kitchen stand made of repurposed wood or add a reclaimed wood shelf to display and store pots and pans or decorative dishware. It will add a cozy and stunning look to a country-style kitchen.


Want to give a country living look to your bedroom? Just add a planked headboard to the bed and make your bedroom dazzling and dreamy. Using contrasting colors and patterns will definitely give your bed some unique character.


A coffee table made of recycled wood will look on trend and can be used to enhance the beauty of a living room or library. This luxurious piece of furniture can transform an ordinary looking room into a distinctive one.


The beauty of floating shelves is that they will not take up any extra space, rather they will create some much needed storage for books and small decorative pieces. Century-old barn wood shelves mounted on a stainless steel stand would be a wonderful combo of old-to-modern styles.


If you liked the idea of floating shelves then this idea will also stimulate your interest. Reclaimed wood bathroom shelves can become a useful storage solution in the bathroom and will look dazzling and rustic in any beach or country house.


An ordinary looking mirror can be transformed into a lovely and phenomenal piece of art by just embedding it into a sleek frame made of salvaged wood.

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