Wood Look Vinyl Flooring

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Is wood-look vinyl flooring for you?

There are so many gorgeous wood-look flooring options in different colors, textures and grains available these days.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the real wood and the vinyl floor.

Wood-look vinyl or luxury vinyl tile closely mimics the wood grain and texture in natural wood flooring so it is a great alternative to real wood. Homeowners opt for alternatives to wood for many reasons.

What are the advantages to choosing vinyl over real wood?

If you live in a coastal environment, like Long Beach Island, you are looking for durability as well as beauty. You want a floor that will outlast the sand and water that is dragged into your home from the beach.

Wood-look vinyl flooring is a more budget-friendly option than solid hard wood. Vinyl is less expensive than hard wood flooring and is typically a quicker and easier installation.

Vinyl is moisture resistant. It can handle muddy shoes, wet rain boots, spills and animals, and looks just as beautiful as the day it was installed. It is a good choice for a bathroom or kitchen because it stands up to water so well.

Vinyl is durable. It can handle daily wear and tear and cleans up easily. Just sweep up the sand and dirt and give it a quick mopping.

Lastly, there are vinyl options that mimic almost every type of hardwood from a rustic, weathered driftwood style to more polished looks. There is a color or texture choice that is perfect for any style of home!

At Under Construction Builders, we recommend luxury vinyl tile to our clients quite often!





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